We lead you safely into the high-tech world of trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

In addition to classic pipeline construction, we have been active for more than two decades in the trenchless rehabilitation of gravity and pressure pipelines. Here DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL ROHRSANIERUNG GmbH & Co. KG has been one of the market leaders in the industry for many years.

  • Our specialists boast comprehensive technical know-how, all mature process technologies for all areas of application and are deployed throughout Europe.
  • For urgently required renovation of supply lines with a tight time window, in the day-to-day operation of companies or in regions/structures that are difficult to access, trenchless rehabilitation with its methods often proves to be advantageous.
  • Signed and sealed: D&S Rohrsanierung is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and carries all necessary Group S quality marks and DVGW certificates.
  • A comprehensive system comparison analysis enables adapted and economical solutions from a single source: from Compact Pipe and the various pipe liner processes to cement mortar lining, relining and reduction processes, robot technology, ground pipe rehabilitation through to burst lining processes and manual rehabilitation. Our decades of experience also contribute to the successful development and production of new systems, products and technical components for this future market.

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Trenchless sewer rehabilitation technology - Produkion

Pipe rehabilitation needs innovations to survive in the future market

The development of production, sealing systems, technical components and innovative robot systems for trenchless rehabilitation processes is the task of our subsidiaries within the D&S Group: Pipe-Seal-Tec and Pipe-Aqua-Tec as well as the associated company Pipetronics which uses the sewer rehabilitation robotics of the former Pipe-Robo-Tec.

  • By providing internal pipe sealing systems, technical devices and components as well as accessories and service, we provide innovative solutions for the even higher quality of our products and services and more efficient technology for future pipe rehabilitation.
  • Safety takes priority: whether process components, sealing systems or technical high-pressure systems, safety is a priority. End devices - they are all thoroughly tested by external experts in test mode and have the legal approval.
  • The hygienically impeccable supply of persons with this vital resource Due to outdated pipe systems with high repair bottlenecks, drinking water increasingly requires fast action. Therefore, our BlueLine® piping system is not only becoming more and more important in Europe.
  • Users benefit from personally tailored service packages, permanently-available technical support and individual training measures by our companies - naturally including the corresponding certifications.

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