Comprehensive portfolio

The track construction division of DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL Bauunternehmung is engaged in many different areas:

  • Track construction contracts: for Deutsche Bahn or regional transport and operating companies.
  • Inner-city track construction: e.g. 2022 stop reconstruction with capacity expansion of the tram network at the main station. Mannheim
  • Industrial tracks for highly frequented track systems in ports, industrial and commercial locations 
  • Tracks for crane and gate facilities to ensure smooth handling and transport of goods

In the planning and realization of track systems in the south of Germany up to Mainz-Koblenz and in the east up to Nuremberg, we act in individual services (track construction) and as a complete service, alone or in a work group.
Our range of services includes level crossings, bridges, switch systems and cable routes, as well as signal systems, lighting and maintenance work.

Whether concrete sleeper track or track systems with a ballastless superstructure (e.g. concrete covering, Rheda systems, track supporting plates, large composite panels and ATD), with the aid of modern technology we enable pioneering solutions in track construction. The latest occupational safety, environmental and health protection requirements on construction sites are just as much a focus as time- and cost-efficient working methods.