Tradition and modernity

Shell construction

The "shell of the building" is the nucleus of our construction company and the foundation of our group today.

It has been a long journey from the foundation of our DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG in 1921 as a classic building construction company to the diversified group of today. However, we have always remained faithful to construction.

  • After the war, we played a major role in the reconstruction of Mannheim and steadily and consistently expanded our range of services.
  • Soon we built "turnkey" residential and commercial buildings as well as complete residential complexes.
  • In the meantime, we already have our own underground and piping construction division, and later the trenchless rehabilitation of mirror and pressure pipelines will be added.
  • The next step in the complex field of industrial and civil engineering is the construction of industrial facilities and power stations.
  • Today we are also available as a service provider for complete maintenance and constructional support - in the residential as well as in the industrial sector.
  • In our company we consciously combine a solid tradition of craftsmanship with the most modern technical know-how and see ourselves as being able to meet the demands of our customers in the future as well.

Technical building equipment

Well equipped with us.

Lifecycle-optimized real estate.

With their know-how, our experts in building services engineering are pioneers for the optimum operation of tomorrow's buildings. As a certified energy management company according to DIN ISO EN 50001:2011, we develop innovative and tailor-made solutions for our customers.

  • TGA engineers and specialist planners are already an important part of our interdisciplinary D&S project teams during the planning phase.
  • By means of innovative TGA concepts, we combine our existing know-how within the group with intelligent building technology.
  • With future-oriented building infrastructure and technology, adaptability to the rapidly increasing digitalisation in building operation is made possible. From smart metering of consumption data to continuous monitoring and the derivation of concrete optimisation measures in the company - properties "made by D&S" are ideally equipped for the future.

Turnkey construction

Tradition and Modernity

  • As general contractors, we now have overall responsibility for numerous large construction projects up to their turnkey handover.
  • For many years we have also been active with subsidiaries as project developers and builders of mainly mixed-use large-scale properties, which we market to investors and owner-occupiers.
  • Today we consciously combine a solid tradition of craftsmanship with the most modern know-how in our technical companies and see ourselves as being able to meet the demands of our customers in the future as well.
  • Our service providers in trenchless sewer rehabilitation technology, for the property and facility management of residential and commercial properties, in the centre management of retail properties and in the operation of service properties complete the current D&S range of services.

Turnkey construction with planning services

A good building is sustainable if planning and turnkey construction go hand in hand.

We have been working together with many renowned architects for decades. In addition, we have our own planning department. Our architects and interior designers are under the same management. Here space is created for your ideas.

  • Including planning, we are the contact for your residential and commercial properties from the outset. Our experienced team of various specialists (including auditors for the certification of buildings in accordance with DGNB® or LEED®) ensures maximum efficiency in planning and construction under one roof. Numerous self-designed projects testify to the complexity of our planning activities.

Whether aesthetic, sophisticated solutions for new buildings or existing buildings, flexible room models, resource-saving concepts that flow into planning right from the start, or construction costs and economic efficiency in subsequent operation - our experts have all this in mind. This is what we understand by holistic planning and construction.

  • Each of our specialists can rely on the competence of the other, successful coordination via the shortest routes. No planning detail is lost. The control of the processes stays in one place. Synergies are used to create real added value. We offer our clients direct communication in all matters, as well as a high degree of transparency with regard to all planning and construction processes and cost control.

Refurbishment and restoration

Preserve and maintain, because a good base pays off.

Environmental influences and the "ravages of time" - they all "gnaw" at the most diverse buildings. Our experienced D&S specialists get to the bottom of the matter. Their answer is: Solid renovation and restoration.

  • In concrete rehabilitation, we offer all services from a single source, from damage analysis and preparation of the rehabilitation concept to performance.
  • Protection in companies: We offer our industrial customers specific, professional floor coatings against harmful chemical and thermal influences.
  • We offer you "reinforcement": As one of the few specialist companies in Germany, we have the approval for adhesive reinforcements with carbon fibre (CFRP) and steel lamellas for improved load-bearing capacity of floor slabs, concrete columns or bridges.

In addition, the restoration and rehabilitation of natural stone also requires consideration of the history of important buildings via specialists skilled in their craft. We've got them.