Gravel and sand to lime sandstone....

Extraction of raw materials and production of building materials

Since the foundation and commissioning of the Löbnitz gravel works in 1992 and the Löbnitz building material plant as an associated company in 1996, the DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL Group has had its own modern and quality-controlled production facilities for certified building material production in Eastern Germany.

  • The current area of the Löbnitz gravels works covers almost 350 hectares. Here annually approx. 750,000 t of gravel, gravel mixtures and sands in various grain sizes - among others coarse gravel, wall sand and play sand according to DIN 18034 – are extracted and processed.
  • In addition to gravel and sand, the Löbnitz building material plants produces and markets approx. 39 million sand-lime bricks (NF) and 32,000 m³ porous bricks from its own factory production every year through direct sales.
  • In addition to their own D&S construction company, major customers of both quality-controlled facilities include building materials dealers and well-known DIY store chains.
  • The D&S project developers assign excavated excavation fields (dredging lakes) to a new use. This is how the 85 hectare Mühlfeldsee weekend and holiday home area was created in the middle of the Central German lake district.

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Concrete production and recycling

Sustainable and resource-conserving

High quality concrete and recycled building materials from D&S

D&S Bauunternehmung's ready-mixed concrete plant in Mannheim-Neckarau, founded in 1996, is one of the most modern production facilities for concrete and recycled building materials in the region. It was the first company in northern Baden-Württemberg to receive certification for its RC concrete produced according to its own recipe.

  • Certified products and regular monitoring of the operation by the Concrete Monitoring Association (BÜV) guarantee the highest quality.
  • In addition to all grades of concrete, our ready-mix concrete plant produces recycled C 30/37 concrete, which is regularly used in buildings.
  • Pre-production stages such as crushing, screening and sorting of excavated material and asphalt take place directly on site and are professionally supervised.
  • Mineral building rubble is used, among other things, to produce QRB-certified reycling frost protection material for use in road construction.
  • Liquid soils for use in areas difficult to access in civil engineering and pipeline construction, as well as backfill material made of gravel and sand are also part of the plant's product range.
  • Delivery ex works takes place directly to the construction sites in the region.