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avendi Senioren Service GmbH

The avendi Senioren Service GmbH – Management portrait
A fully-owned subsidiary of DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL Unternehmensgruppe

offers assistance and care at the highest stageoffers assistance and care at the highest stage

History and business of avendi
The set up of the avendi Senioren Service GmbH in early 2001 emanated from the business unit “real property for senior citizens” developed within the DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL Unternehmensgruppe.

The aim of the avendi Senioren Service GmbH is the building and the long-term operation of high-value facilities for senior citizens, the concept of which follows the regional particularities and the respective structure of the target group.

Entrepreneurial concept
The company understands as its central task to organise the life of people, who depend on assistance and nursing care, such that it is worth living. Therefore the name avendi, which is the short form of “ars vivendi” (lat. art of living) complies with this concept. All the actions and considerations of the company follow the personality of the individual in order to preserve his/her autonomy and quality of life.

Facilities of the avendi
In the sectors of service living for senior citizens and stationary nursing care 18 facilities operated by the company are located in Mannheim, Ketsch, Edingen-Neckarhausen, Sinsheim, Kehl, Bad Überkingen and Dessau, and the company has also three mobile nursing care services “avendi mobil” in Mannheim, Kehl and with altogether 1305 stationary nursing places, 667 serviced flats for senior citizens and 960 members of staff regularly attending advanced training so as to continuously strengthen their competences.

By taking charge of the operational management of the care facility Rheinpfalz-Stift avendi has succeeded in "crossing the Rhine" end of 2011. The construction of the new care facility and residence for senior citizens "Service-Wohnen & Pflege CentroVerde" in Mannheim-Neckarstadt is planned to be started in spring 2012.

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