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Maintain and preserve...

Reinforcement of ceilings with adhesive “CFK” platesReinforcement of ceilings with adhesive “CFK” plates

Environmental influences and the ravages of time “gnaw” at every kind of building. The answer is: sound refurbishment and restoration.

For concrete refurbishment, we offer all-in services from one source beginning with the damage analysis via the preparation of the refurbishment concept to the execution of work. This applies equally to residential buildings, bridges and industrial or dock facilities.

Protection against chemical and thermal influences by means of appropriate coatings in the industrial sector: specific and

Concrete refurbishmentConcrete refurbishment

professional protective measures pay off in the long term.

We offer you a “reinforcement” of the load bearing capacity of floors, concrete props and bridges, because we are one of the few companies in Germany who hold the license for the adhesive reinforcing with carbon fibre reinforced plastic (“CFK”) and steel plates.

The restoration of natural stone and buildings of art-historical importance requires competent specialists. We have them.