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Pipeline construction makes high demands on safety
and hygiene

Gas pipeline constructionGas pipeline construction

Utility pipelines are the backbone of a functioning infrastructure. Without electricity, water, long-distance heating or gas “nothing works”. Therefore the responsibility for construction projects in this sector is extremely high, and then utility lines even hold special risks.

In particular as far as gas and water are concerned legislation is exceptionally strict and justifiably so. Only those who have the appropriate technical equipment and the qualified personnel are allowed to work in this sector, so as to ensure safety and hygiene both during and after the execution of construction work.

Waste water culvertWaste water culvert

Of course we hold all the required approvals, such as for instance the “DVGW G1 + and AGFW FW 1” (“DVGW” = German Association for Gas and Water). Furthermore we are a licensed specialist operator according to §19.1 WHG (German Water Resources Act), and we even hold the industrial welding fabricator license.

Our customers can be secure that we care for safety.