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Tradition and Modern Spirit

Storage and maintenance yard in MannheimStorage and maintenance yard in Mannheim

Formation of  DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL Bauunternehmung by Franz Anton Diringer. Today the permanently family-run company group with its head office in Mannheim has an annual turnover of 350 million ‚ā¨ and 3,000 employed persons.


The son-in-law Heinrich Scheidel enters the company in 1946. The extension to other fields of activities takes place. Thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit the company develops to one of the most important medium-sized companies in all the sectors of structural and civil engineering in the Rhein-Neckar area immediately after World War II.


On this solid foundation the son Heinz Scheidel and under his leadership meanwhile the third and fourth family generation, is not only able to continue the business activities, but even to successfully respond in good time to the rapid structural changes within the building and construction industry.


In view of an increasing concentration of companies in the building industry one of the entrepreneurial answers is to ‚Äútake over instead of being taken over‚ÄĚ. Systematic investments and extensions of the company set the course for the group to henceforth establish itself even in special markets. Parallel to the realisation of numerous building activities in industry, trade and commerce, the first own project developments are already made at the beginning of the seventies.


The circuit of the production, improvement and processing of raw materials is closed. From now on the group disposes of an own gravel-winning plant and a plant for the production of lime sand brick, porous concrete and ready-mix concrete. The German reunification affords the opportunity to transfer the entire business activities to East Germany. At the same time, a most dynamic expansion of the own property development division takes place. The main establishment with an own administration and an own storage and maintenance yard is set up in Dessau-Roßlau and a further place of business in Leipzig follows. To this day DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL is one of the major employers in the building and construction industry in the region between Berlin and Leipzig.


The project and property development become an independent area of responsibility of DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL Wohn- und Gewerbebau GmbH with meanwhile 30 regular members of staff. First the ACCURATA Immobilienverwaltung GmbH and later on the DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL Gebäudemanagement GmbH accrue from this responsibility. On behalf of their owners both companies provide hand in hand all the administrative and technical services around the property.

KATE robotKATE robot

A further future-oriented option opens up in the building sector. DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL Rohrsanierung GmbH develops from the successive merging of four companies specialised in the rehabilitation of pipelines and sewers. Due to its large scope of activities the company disposes of the complete and complex know-how and nearly all the processing techniques for the high-tech rehabilitation of sewers and pressure pipelines. With its specialists working throughout Germany and the European countries, it has become one of the market leaders of the sector.

‚ÄúLanzCarr√©‚ÄĚ Service living & nursing care‚ÄúLanzCarr√©‚ÄĚ Service living & nursing care

DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL Wohn- und Gewerbebau GmbH increases its activities in the service-property sector and successfully sustains its position in this future market with new living and servicing concepts. ARIVA Hotel GmbH and avendi Senioren Service GmbH, the subsidiaries emanated from this, are presently operating three hotels with modern convenience - two in cooperation with BEST WESTERN Germany - and sixteen facilities in the sector of service-living for senior citizens, outpatient and stationary care as well as three mobile care services.


40 % of the personnel are meanwhile working in the service sector. Further own large-scale housing, office, retail, hotel and nursing care projects are in the phase of planning respectively implementation. Besides forward-looking investments in related economic sectors and the most modern technologies, the professionally qualified staff members remain the company‚Äôs greatest ‚Äúgood‚ÄĚ . Their solid formation and further training and their solidarity with the company ensure that the necessary transfer of expert knowledge always passes down generations at a high standard and with respect for one another. Therefore the management and the personnel are confidently looking forward to the new generation and continue working together on a successful future of the DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL Unternehmensgruppe.